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This is my first quiz so please cut me some slack. Anyway, thanks for trying out my quiz! Have fun! You play as a she-cat apprentice. For girls only. Hope you like my quiz!

I don't know what to put here but it wants me to put at least 150 characters so I'm just going to type, type, type, and type. I hope my quiz is fun! I'm so excited!

Created by: Huntingtiger
  1. Pick your name.
  2. "Wake up!" You open your eyes to see Sunpaw, a long-furred golden tom, shaking your shoulder, " Our mentors are waiting. Come on sleepyhead!" You say:
  3. You get up and shake the moss from your pelt. As you start to follow Sunpaw out of the camp, you notice Frostpaw staring at you. When dark gray tabby catches you looking he curls his lip and looks away. You think:
  4. You catch up to Sunpaw and the mentors. " You're late. Come on we're going hunting with Sunpaw and his mentor." Volepelt you mentor says. As you walk into a clearing in the forest, you think:
  5. After a long day of hunting, everyone comes back with a piece of fresh kill. You head over to the fresh kill pile when, "Would you like to share this sparrow with me?" You look down to see a small gray tom looking at you hopefully with bright blue eyes. Rockpaw, you think. You reply:
  6. Later in the day, you hear Owlstar announce which cats he was taking to the gathering."For the warriors I'm taking Volepelt, Wrenwatcher, and Sparrowflight." (Wrenwatcher is your mom) "For the apprentices, I'm taking Sunpaw, Rockpaw, Frostpaw, and (your name)paw." After hearing the list called out, you think:
  7. Walking to the gathering, you look up. You see your star clan ancestors smiling down at you. You look behind you and see Frostpaw staring at you again! You think:
  8. At the gathering, you see Swampclan, Fishclan, and Moorclan cats. As you take spot next to the other apprentices, you decide to scan your surroundings. Suddenly your eyes rest on a handsome brown tom. You pad over to take a closer look when he comes up to you. "Hi my name is Mudpaw! I'm from fishclan," he says smiling at you warmly, "Nice to meet you." " Nice to meet you too," you say, staring into his amber eyes. You think.
  9. "(Your name)paw! Come over here!" You look over to see Sunpaw and his brothers inviting you over. You:
  10. After the gathering, Sparkclan heads back to it's camp. On the way, your head is swimming with lots of thoughts. The most important one is:
  11. When you get back, your so tired. You fall asleep right away. You dream about:
  12. "Get up!" You wake to Frostpaw frowing and poking you, "I've been poking you for hours!" saying that, he turned and left. You think:
  13. You pad over groggily to your mentor. " Today is your warrior assessment! You and the other apprentices will split up and catch as much prey as you can. Go!" says Volepelt. The toms stick close to you as you sent for prey. "Maybe we should split up." you suggest. The toms nod and head in different directions. You smelt a sparrow, heard a squirrel, and saw a mouse. You go for:
  14. You caught your prey. You set it down. As you start stalking a lark, you hear a rustling sound. Out jumps a fox! The vixen is big and you know you can't take it on your own. You scream:
  15. Whatever you scream, Sunpaw, Rockpaw, and Frostpaw come running. In that quick moment your distracted, the fox swiped at your neck. You fall to the gound as blood seeps through your neck. Frostpaw reaches you first, "Oh no! Someone get a medicine cat!" You think:
  16. Sunpaw and Rockpaw catch up to see Frostpaw licking you wound. Sunpaw narrows his eyes while Rockpaw just ignores it. "Someone needs to get a medicine cat. I'll do it. Sunpaw stay with her and Frostpaw, drive away that vixen." They go to do their jobs. You think:
  17. Sunpaw keeps licking your neck. Frostpaw comes back all bloody. "You should get a medicine cat," says Sunpaw getting up from licking your wound. He looked worried. Frostpaw was his brother after all. " It's fine," Frostpaw says," Rockpaw is getting the medicine cat." You think:
  18. Rockpaw finally arrives with the medicine cat, Rosefeather. She takes you to her den. You drift off. You wake up to a pian in your leg. Great, you think, The fox got me there too. "Your awake!" You look around to see Sunpaw, Rockpaw, and Frostpaw looking at you. Sunpaw comes forward, " I know you think of me as a friend but I want more than that..." he hesitated. Finally, he blurted out," I love you! Rockpaw and Frostpaw do to but Rockpaw is to shy and Frostpaw is to proud. It's been killing us to know who you like. Please tell us to spare heartbreak later on." You look at the toms who all nodded. You say:
  19. The toms respect your decision. As you pad out to your clearing, You chosen tom walks next to you, his pelt brushing yours. "It's time for your warrior assessment," you look up to see Owlstar make an announcement, "Frostpaw, for your bravery in chasing away the fox, you will be called Frostbite! Sunpaw for loyally staying with your injured clanmate, you will be called Sunheart! Rockpaw, for your quick thinking to get the medicine cat, you will be called Rockstorm! And (your name)paw, for standing up to a fierce vixen till the other apprentices came, you will be called..." What does your clanmates cheer?
  20. Did you like my quiz? Do you want me to do a second quiz?

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