Sunstorm's love story! (she-cats) #3

Prologue: Rockpaw sighed. She was a beautiful warrior indeed, but she had moved away from him now. She was called Sunstorm, and now the other toms where making their moves. Redstar was trying to woo her, Brackenpelt was falling over his feet to stand near her, and even Thistlefur was looking at her. Even when Moonheart was expecting his kits! Just wait until he was a warrior!

Rockkit watched the apprentices train. He had snuck out of camp for this, to see them. Sunpaw batted Moonpaw away. Thistlepaw leaped in front of her, Brackenpaw, on Thistlepaw's team, appeared behind Sunpaw, ready to strike, but seemed reluctant. Rainpaw and Redpaw, on Sunpaw's team, pushed Brackenpaw out of the way. "Too late. I've got her." he growled, but it seemed a warning of something else. Notes: You are Sunstorm. The cat you got last time as your mate will be called 123.

Created by: IvystarGecko

  1. 123 walked over to you. "Rainfall just told me your news," he purred. "It's awesome!" You pricked your ears. "What news?"
  2. "Our kits!" 123 exclaimed. "I didn't know!" you yelled. You felt squirming in your belly and realized it must be true. And you had been feeling really tired and more hungry than usual. "Are you sure I'm not just sick? you questioned. "I have been feeling a little weird lately." you meowed, telling the truth. 123 looked worried and meowed, "the medicine cat said it was kits, but there might be something else." he ushered you over to the medicine den.
  3. The medicine cat, Rainfall, told you to lie down. She put her paws on your belly. "Yes, kits," she meowed."Congratulations, Sunstorm." You purred with delight. "So I'm not sick?" Rainfall laughed. "No." You got up and curled in your nest for the night, next to 123.
  4. (Timeskip) You woke up, moons later and felt rippling pains in your belly. You decided you needed herbs from the medicine cat. You must have a bellyache from the old thrush you ate last night. You groaned in your nest in the nursery. Getting up under the weight of your belly, you staggered to the medicine den. Rainfall was sleeping peacefully. "R-rainfall!" you gasped, in pain. "I h-have a b-b-bellyache!" Rainfall got up, took one look at you, and meowed, "get back in your nest! Your kits are coming!" she helped you back to your nest and fetched you a stick to bite on. You clenched your teeth around in and the first kit came out, followed by a second. "Congratulations," meowed Moonheart, from her nest next to yours. Her kits, Leafkit, Cloudkit and Barkkit, where almost six moons old. 123 came in. "A tom and a she-kit, 123," meowed Rainfall. "You must be so proud." 123 nodded, crouching beside your nest. "Can we call the tom Birchkit?" you nodded. "And the she-cat Lilykit?" you asked. 123 purred. "Of course!" Just then, a warrior called Rockshade came in. "I just wanted to see the new kits," he mumbled. "Aww, they're so cute! Congratulations, Sunstorm!" he meowed, ignoring 123.
  5. The next morning, you opened your eyes and wondered where you were before you remembered. Your kits! Birchkit and Lilykit where lying in your nest beside you. All the other queens where asleep. Rockshade came in. "Sunstorm!" he meowed, delighted. He looked down at your sleeping kits. "Sunstorm, I-I wish I was their father." he meowed awkwardly.
  6. You are silent as he leaves. Soon after that, the other queens start waking up. "Sunstorm," whispered Moonheart, "your kits are perfect. I'm proud of you, sister." You purr. "I love you Moonheart." Leafkit kicked against Moonheart's flank, crying out, "Mama! Show me the new kits!" his noise woke Birchkit. Birchkit blinked open his amber eyes for the first time. "Oh, my son!" you cried. Birchkit tried to climb out of the nest. "Can I go explore?" You opened your mouth to complain, but Moonheart silenced you. "Oh, Sunstorm, of course he can explore. Leafkit, you can show Birchkit the camp. No farther." she turned back to you. "They've all got to go sometime." Soon Lilykit woke up, and opened her eyes, but she was content to lie in the nest while Cloudkit and Barkkit rebuilt their training corner. 123 came and, carrying Lilykit, took you to a sunny spot in camp and fetched you some prey. But he was disturbed by Rockshade. "123, the patrol wants you!" after 123 had gone out Rockshade came back. "Remember what I said." he licked your ears and purred.
  7. All of a sudden, you hear a crack and look up. It's a branch, and it's falling into camp. Birchkit looks up in horror, then laughs. "Oh Mama, the branch wants to play with me!" he runs toward you as the branch falls down. It lands and you can't see anything in the cloud of dust. Rockshade rushed towards you. "A queen was there! Sunstorm! Sunstorm, are you alright?" you nod while looking for your son. "Where is Birchkit?" Rockshade dug around in the ruins. "Oh Sunstorm," he meowed, his voice breaking. "Come and see!" you got up, Lilykit fell weakly on the grass, and you walked over to Rockshade and saw the crumpled body of your kit. "Birchkit!" you wailed. Rockshade guided you gently towards Lilykit and then sat beside you while you cried into your fur. "Oh Lilykit, don't look!" you meowed, fearing that your young daughter might see her brother lying dead. Lilykit blinked up at you. "But Mama," she said in her little voice, "I know Birchkit is dead. That's why he has stars in his fur, isn't it? Oh, bye-bye, Birchkit!" she waved her tail at empty air. "Can't you see him?"
  8. You frowned, but when you told Rainfall, she shrugged. "So this is the one. If you don't mind, I'll check Lilykit over." Then Rainfall began questioning Lilykit and testing her. When she came back she looked grim. "Lilykit has no sense of smell," she meowed. "I'm afraid she has no future." your jaw tightened. Lilykit was your only remaining child. "No! You can train her as a medicine cat!" Rainfall shook her head. "No. She needs to smell." But when you insisted, she sighed. "Oh, okay. I'll try. But it won't work, I'm telling you."
  9. 123 came back. He was heartbroken when he heard the news. Then he took you into a corner. "Sunstorm, I know Rockshade has been getting to you. Tell me the truth, who do you want?"
  10. That's all for now!

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