Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel: Let's Interview!

The interview. Meet four funny toms, who are all awkward--and funny--about you. Did I mention that they were funny? Oh, and don't forget the StarClan cats . . . And the excerpts from my books . . .

Oh, and I forgot if I told you or not: the tons are HILARIOUS, and so are the StarClan cats! Take a breaking from reading the grim destiny of Honeydrop and sit back, relax, and laugh at the toms!

Created by: Pathbreeze
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  1. We are here to interview the toms and a StarClan cat!
  2. And plus; you can read an excerpt from three of my StreamClan stories to get a better understanding of everything in the history!
  3. Now . . . *drags Jaynight over* Me: Well? You you like Honeydrop? Jaynight: *splutters* No! No! Now, LET ME GO! Me: Not so fast, kitty. Do you? Jaynight: Yes. Fine. Let. Me. Go. Me: *lets go* Jaynight: *runs into forest with pink ears*
  4. Me: Well, well, well. Guess who we have here. Muddytrail: Yeah? NOW LET ME GO YOU TWOLEG! Me: Nope. D'you like Honeydrop? Muddytrail: Yes. I live her and would die for her and--oh wait . . . DID I JUST TELL YOU THAT? *runs away*
  5. Me: Hey! You over there! Sparrow! Sparrowflight: Wha . . . Me: DO YOU LIKE HONEYDROP? Sparrowflight: Um . . . Yeah *blushes* She'd always amazed me; so feisty and ambitious and all and . . .*starts looking moony and jabbers about Honeydrop* Me: Okay, that's enough! *shoves away*
  6. Me: Brave! Do you like Honeydrop! Braveflame: *looks around* Um. Yes? Wait a minute . . . I just said that? *runs away* Me: Well that was short.
  7. Me: Hey, Dawnstar, care to join us? Dawnstar: Yeah. Sure. Those young 'uns have a lot ahead of them, with the prophecy and all . . . And plus, the tenth rule of The Prophecy Code. Waterstar: *comes over* Yeah, they sure do. But I didn't fight the Battle of Water for nothing! Pathbreeze: *pops head in* Yeah. And now the reader gets to hear an excerpt for our stories!
  8. First, from Rising Dawn: Dawnstar's story
  9. "StreamClan, WoodClan, attack!" Dawnstar glared at the Dark Forest cats. "Thornfang, your wrong shall be righted today with my paws, with my claws, with my teeth, my loyalty, and my leadership. You shall never win! Since you ran off, you were thought by almost everyone to never have been seen again. But a few know you were still out there. They are Jaybreeze." Dawnstar nodded to her mate, then to the others. "They are Maplesong and Desertwind. They were Hawknose. They were your parents, in StarClan and watching you now." And as she finished her speech, the cats attacked.
  10. Starring Waterstar, from Path of Water! And this is where Thornfang becomes good. Dawnstar is in this . . . And sadly, Waterstar is not.
  11. "Open your eyes..." Thornfang was roused by a faint stirring it his ear. "Open your eyes, Thornfang." He blinked them open, claws unsheathed with blood glinting on them, ready to attack. A creamy colored she-cat sat in front of him, tail curled around her paw.    "You!" Thornfang snarled. This was the cat wo had defeated him. But her eyes were full of sadness. And behind her was a beautiful dapple-coated she-cat with sorrow in her eyes. Fernheart! His former mentor, his best friend... his love.   "Fernheart." The words were like a wispy strand of mist breathed out in the cold leaf-bare snow. I'm so, so sorry! he thought, but he did not say the words out loud.   "How could you?" There was no anger in her voice, only never-ending sadness that rang in his ears. How could you?   "I had to." And Thornfang steeled his heart. "You mean nothing to me. Why are you here?" His voice was fiery, but cold as ice.   "We had to. Fernheart means everything to you, Thornfang. Open your eyes. See the cat you could've been." Dawnstar's words were true. But how...?   "Don't you want to meet your kits?" whispered Fernheart. They've been waiting moon after moon, season after season to see you. They wander off to try and find you." Two kits, a dappled white she-kit and a golden tabby tom peeked out of their mother's fur. "Open your eyes, Thornfang." More and more cats came. "Open your eyes. Open your eyes. Open your eyes," they all seemed to chant. His mother and father, his great-grandfather, and so many more. "See the cat you could've been." Dawnstar flicked her tail, and, like magic, images showed up. One was him watching his kits tussle, another was him watching from the Highledge down to his Clanmates, Lionstar and Cinderstar, then Cinderheart at his side. "Why, Thornfang?" Dawnstar asked. "Why?"   Thornfang was speechless. "I-I--"   "Open your heart, Thornfang." Fernheart was speaking. "See what you really are.   Thornfang's pelt melted into the golden tabby he really was. His blood-red eyes turned a soft but fierce green. The steel and ice surronding his heart began to crack and melt. "I'll try."   Fernheart nodded, eyes still sad. "I know you will."    Dawnstar joined her. "But watch out for the Fire's Blaze."   "I will," Thornfang promised. And he was telling the truth.    And the truth felt good.
  12. And finnally, Pathbreeze after the attack. No Waterstar (okay, she is mentioned, once) or Dawnstar!
  13. Pathbreeze looked around and breathed in the scent of fresh dirt. The tunnels were collapsed. Thank you, Waterstar, she thought to her mother, you made me feel wanted. You made me feel loved. You made me have confidence so that I could do this. And for that I thank you. Pathbreeze could easily feel her mother's presence. It was you, little one, she heard Waterstar say. You did this for your Clan, who didn't even respect you. They will now. Pathbreeze nodded to herself, surveying the land. It was littered with blood, fur, and bodies; bodies of dead SmokeClan cats. They were once know as the Dark Forest, Pathbreeze thought. Fireblaze--my mother's enemy--ruined that.
  14. Ending!

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