Amanda's Anime Quiz

There are many people who claim they know anime.Some also call themselves Anime Experts,but I wonder if these so called Experts are the real deal. I made this quiz to see who is the real Anime Experts.

Are you an Anime Expert? Do you have what it takes to earn the title of Anime Expert? With these quiz you'll know where you stand in terms of Anime know how!!!

Created by: Amanda

  1. Saiyuki: What is Sanzo's weapon of choice?
  2. Mysterious Play:Who asked Miaka to marry him first?
  3. Pretear: What is the name of the Knight of Sound?
  4. Rayearth 2:What is the name of the white robot Eagle pilots?
  5. Escaflowne: Who did Hitomi fall in love with first?
  6. Death Note: Who is Misa in love with?
  7. YU YU Hakusho: What is Kurama's favorite weapon made from?
  8. Initial D: How many members of the Red Suns did Tak defeat?
  9. Inu Yasha: How many swords did the Great Dog Demon carry?
  10. Wallflower: What is Sunako's favorite day of the year?
  11. Mysterious Play: What was Tamahome's nickname he got when he was little from the kids who teased him about his Suzaku mark?
  12. Saiyuki: What does Hakkai's dragon turn into?
  13. Pretear:Who was the Puppet of Darkness?
  14. Rayearth 2:Who are the three guys that fell in love with Hikaru?
  15. Escaflowne: Where did Vahn kill the Land Dragon?
  16. Death Note:How many FBI agents were sent to Japan to help L?
  17. YU YU Hakusho:What part of Hiei's body does he use to bait the Dragon of the Darkness Flame with?
  18. Initial D:What is the name of Maya's and Simone's team?
  19. Inu Yasha:What does Inu Yasha mean in Japanese?
  20. Wallflower: What was Kyohei and Sunako doing when they had their first kiss?

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