How Anime Are You?

Although some of you might be disappointed to hear that this quiz is not actually about see how "anime" you are. I think most of you will be pleased to hear that it's actually about seeing how much of a anime fanatic you are. Now if you don't like anime I suggest you don't take this quiz, but if you do I suggest getting started right away.

Now this is my first quiz I've made on this site and I hope you like it. I decided there weren't enough anime quizzes out on the internet so I made this one. I hope you enjoy my quiz, now what are you sitting around reading this for?

Created by: Lucas Collins
  1. Have you ever watched anime or read manga?
  2. If you have ever watched anime or read manga, on a scale from 1-10, how much do you like it?
  3. How many anime's and manga's would you say you have seen and read in your life to this point?
  4. Do you draw in an anime style?
  5. If yes to the last question, do you ever make your own fanart or draw your own characters?
  6. Have you ever made doujinshi?
  7. Aside from anime and manga do you also get manga publications (ex. Shonen Jump), and anime magazines (ex. Newtype), and then keep them as collectors items, or something like that.
  8. How many miscellaneous items such as keychains, bookbags, or plushies that are anime related, would you say you have at this moment?
  9. Have you ever gone to an anime convention?
  10. If yes to the previous question then have you ever gone to a convention, in cos-play?
  11. Have you ever made your own cos-play outfit?
  12. Have you ever dressed as an anime character, worn anime memorabilia, or just dressed plain crraaazzyyy, out in public before? Yes were you can get laughed at.
  13. What color is your hair!
  14. Have you ever wished you were in another world? Specifically an anime themed one.
  15. Ok I could go on for quite sometime but I am very tired right now so without further waiting I bring you the last question, and it's a doozy! Lets pretend you are going to some super amazing supermarket to buy food, you have $100. This store have everything that's out right now, EVERYTHING, and on your way to the food you pass by the electronics. You take a glimpse into the electronics and see an anime you've been waiting to get the complete series of, and guess what they have the complete series of it, and it's special edition to. Now let's also pretend that your are poor right now but you still have a job. What do you do? Oh and it cost's 80 bucks!

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Quiz topic: How Anime am I?