how stylish are you

their are many models in the world what is a model a model is the ultimate diva of fashion who knows the perfectwear never underarestimate a models test always take their advise and slowly slowly become one

are you a super model do you have the power to be one this test will give you a start off to be a model it gives avise in he result you can find out if you are capable or not but always stuy before giving the test

Created by: fareen lavji
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you wear a belt while wearing jeans and skirts
  2. what of the following do you wear at a party
  3. do you apply makeup every day
  4. what is your favourite type of clothing
  5. choose
  6. what article of the following would you choose if you had to wear something stupid and you ha no choice but to make it stylish
  7. if you were given 500 dollars to style up your fancy frock what would you do
  8. what colour
  9. is this the last question
  10. what would you prefer[he he]

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Quiz topic: How stylish am I