How Stylish Are You?

Are you stylish? Very few people are 100% perfectly, purely made of style. But those people are very lucky. What is a stylish person? A stylish person is someone whose head is stylish shopping space, someone who never comes out of dreamland, and people who are super cool never give up. The very few people are lucky.

But are YOU stylish? Do you have enough style to be called the greatest stylish person in your state, province, country, OR the WHOLE WORLD?! Luckily, you found this quiz. YOU, in just a few minutes, can find out how stylish you really are. Good luck.

Created by: Nicole

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  1. You see a totally cool outfit at your fave clothing store. You also see another totally hot outfit. Do you buy both (both are $350), or be cautious about your budget and buy one?
  2. You see your destined prince sitting in the same table as you. How will you approach him?
  3. You want to buy a pair of expensive shoes, but your parents won't let you. You cry and call your boyfriend. What do you tell him to get him to buy you the shoes?
  4. You are so excited about the party because of your new mini skirt. But when you get to the party, you notice that someone else is wearing the same thing, and she's getting ALL attention. She's even flirting with your crush!!! Quick-grab the attention away
  5. Which is your style?
  6. You sent an e-mail to your friend about your new crush. She replies and says she already booked the style charm on him. You get very angry. What style do you use to steal him?
  7. When someone says, "Style", what do you think of?
  8. You find that your best gal found another friend, and she never talks to you anymore. What do you do?
  10. Where do you live?

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