How stylish are you?

there are many stylish people but few super stylish legends. A stylish person is someone that follows the latest trends yet is creative in thier own way. They all ways look good no matter what they wear.

are you a fashion legend or a not so fashionable freak, do you wear what it takes to be a fashion icon. if your not then dont worry there are some tips in the results to helpyou be a super cool hot person rather than a dog angin geek o yer and sorry agen if you are hurt by the comments but i csn assure you that they are true.

Created by: nicole

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you go out what do you usually wear??
  2. when going to a party what do you usually wear??
  3. how do you have your hair?
  4. what shoes do you prefer
  5. do you wear makeup?
  6. what are your favourite colours clothes wise?
  7. what hair colour do you have
  8. ive you were to go out were would you go?
  9. are you creative with ya clothes
  10. who do you fancy tha most?

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Quiz topic: How stylish am I?