what clothing store are you

there are many haunting questions that i wonder about. Such as ,what is the meaning of life? Or, Why does playdough taste so good?And,who DOES win those games under bottle caps?! Another question i caught myself wondering about is ,what clothing store am i? I looked around but didnt find JUST what i was looking for,so i made one for you people.

So, what clothing store are you? You could be a social Rave. Or maybe a clever Old Navy. Well lucky for you , you can find out in a few seconds. Oh and thanks for taking this quiz because i worked my butt off making it!

Created by: libby
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  1. Do you throw parties or go to friends?
  2. Your Friday night is COMPLETELY free! How do you spend It?
  3. You are at the mall and decide ur in serious need of a new bottle of lotion. What scent do you pick?
  4. Your old bedding is starting to get boring. What set do you pick?
  5. After you buy that bedding you decide to induldge in one more accesory for your room. What do you pick?
  6. Your having a a few friends over for a girls nite in! What snack and drink combo do you serve?
  7. You have FINALLY convinced your parent(s) that your responsible enough for a dog! What breed do ya pick?
  8. You are again at the mall with some friends and theres a big party tonite! Your getting some new party shoes, But what kind?
  9. Your going to have a lazy tv nite. No friends over, No fancy clothes, just you and your pjs! You settle on the couch and flip on the tv but , the most important thing what do you watch?
  10. And now a very random question. If you could dye your hair any color and it wouldnt damage it what color it would be?

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