Which Celeb Clothing Line Should You Wear?

Aren't you just a little curious to see which celebrity clothing line is best for you, based on the answers you are about to give me? Well, just answer them and you will find out!

So, are you going to get the flashy, comfy, or artistic fashion line?!?! Well, in just a minute or so you will find out! Enjoy the quiz and please leave comments and rate the quiz when you are finished! Thanks and have fun!

Created by: aszand_58

  1. Spring is here. You can't wait until it is warm enough to wear:
  2. It's time to shop for a new pair of jeans. The one's you will most likely buy are:
  3. Which movie are you most excited to see?
  4. What do you have more of in your closet?
  5. You are getting ready for the school dance. How do you do your hair?
  6. Which of these songs do you like most?
  7. Which of the following celebs is the hottest?!
  8. If you won a dream shopping spree, where would you wanna go?
  9. You and your best friend are making plans for the weekend. You want to:
  10. Which nail color would you rather wear?
  11. What is your favorite IM face?
  12. If you could only have one make-up product, which would it be?
  13. Out of the following, which television show would you watch?

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Quiz topic: Which Celeb Clothing Line should I Wear?