How Main Line Are You?

The prestigious Main Line has a long and rich history, and is home to many past and present wealthy gentry. Although not all its residents are financially priveleged, all of its natives have a certain bearing or manner, maybe even a smidge of arrogance, as they comfortably reflect on the fact, that they are Main Liners. you have the Main Line cred to pass this little quiz, a mere formality for a true son or daughter of the THE Main Line; reaffirm your membership with the elite, although increasingly few that can claim.. "I'm from The Main Line".

Created by: Joe Mama

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  1. Exactly what is the origin of the term "The Main Line?"
  2. Aggie's Dump refers to what?
  3. The Blue Route is?
  4. The tract of land currently occupied by Archbishop Carrol (ABC) used to belong to what family?
  5. You usually spent your summers in...
  6. The Social Register refers to
  7. L'il Chicago is located in what town?
  8. How many pairs of patchwork madras bermudas do you own?
  9. The winningest hunter and show jumper at the Devon Horse Show in the 60's , 70's and 80's was..
  10. What stood in front of a well known hardware store for years until it's relatively recent demise..
  11. Have you ever had cosmetic surgery, other than that for an injury received on the squash court, ski run or on horseback?

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Quiz topic: How Main Line am I?