Crushing or Obsessing?

Having a crush entitles you to be interested in different aspects of his/her life, but there is a thin line between interested and obsessive. SOme people don't know where to draw their line and end up losing their love because of their obsession.

Where have you drawn your line? Are you a stalker or just a friend interested in being more? Take this quiz to find out how obsessive you are with your crushes.

Created by: Payton
  1. You see your crush in the hallway. You...
  2. You hear your crush has a new gf/bf. You...
  3. It's your crushes birthday. You...
  4. Your crush calls to ask about homework. You...
  5. The first thing you look at when you see your crush is...
  6. How often do you talk about your crush?
  7. Do you know every gf he/she has had?
  8. Do you know your crushes zodiac sign?
  9. If his/her gf or boyfriend broke up w/ him/her for cheating would you still date him/her?
  10. Do you find yourself staring at them constantly?

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