Are You Crushing On a Boy/Girl?

Are you crushing on anyone? Do you think you might be? Well, this quiz will hopefully help you to find out. Maybe you do, maybe you don't. The key, though, is to answer as honestly as possible. (And I know you're probably thinkin' "DUH! If you're not honest, you won't get accurate results." But I'm just sayin that so you will...

Now, I might as well tell you that this is not me suggesting that you go up and ask your crush out. (Although, if you're that brave, then I'm all for it.) So I guess now you can figure it out: Are you crushin on anyone?

Created by: amanda.
  1. When you're around the person you like, do you try to show off to impress him or her?
  2. When out with the guy/girl in public, do you try to make conversation with him/her constantly?
  3. Do you think about memories that you have with the boy/girl a lot?
  4. Let's say that you went to school with your crush, and you find out that he/she was going out with someone. What would be your reaction?
  5. Do you think this is a good quiz?!?
  6. Do you sometimes think that you're walking much more slowly than you normally would when you're around him/her?
  7. Do you know lots of personal info about him/her? (Like his or her birthday, how many sibs he/she has...)
  8. Has he/she ever tried to make contact with you? (Email, phones, IM...)
  9. Do you ever talk about him/her around your friends?
  10. Have you ever had a dream in which your crush was in it?
  11. Do you think this quiz will be accurate?

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Quiz topic: Am I Crushing On a Boy/Girl?