The Sonic knowledge quiz

This quiz is about how much Sonic knowledge you have. It ranges from games in the main series (block buster games that affect the Sonic franchise, such as Sonic Adventure 2 or Sonic CD). Sonic Adventure 2 affected the story line greatly because of the introduction of Shadow and the creation of the ability chaos control.

Sonic CD is a main series game because it introduced Amy and Metal Sonic, and he is one of Sonic's greatest rivals who appeared in another Sonic game from the main series. The main series games contain Sonic 1, 2 and 3 and Knuckles, Sonic CD, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Next Gen, Sonic Unleashed and Shadow the Hedgehog.

Created by: marcus

  1. How does Sonic turn into Hyper Sonic?
  2. What happened to Shadow when offered Eggman a wish?
  3. Who is Shadow's father, blood-wise?
  4. Can Tails make his two tails spin like a helicoptor?
  5. Who created the first gizoid?
  6. How do you destroy the ghost king?
  7. How many main series games has Metal Sonic been in ( that includes proto types and mecha sonic)?
  8. Who was the final boss in Sonic 1?
  9. Who would win in a fight?
  10. Who sacrificed their life to protect the world?
  11. How many emralds are there?
  12. What are the 3 types of chaos?
  13. Who is Mighty?

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