Mario VS. Sonic

I made this quiz in honor of the release of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games! The first ever Mario/Sonic crossovcer!I wanted to make it because Mario and Sonic are two of my favorite video game characters of all time!

SO... which one do YOU prefer. Me? Well, that all just depends on the game and story, so I won't get into that. Take this quiz to find out if your a Mario shipper or Sonic shipper. Yay! I made a quiz!

Created by: sbstar

  1. Old question... What's your fav. color?
  2. OK, what power do you want more?
  3. What sounds funner?
  4. What's your 'dream' job?
  5. Alright, side-kick time... You'd rather have a sidekick that is...
  6. Discribe you personality:
  7. Alright, doppleganger time! You'd rather have a _________ doppleganger.
  8. Are you bored of this quiz?
  9. You would rather...
  10. OK, who would win in a fight?

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