How well do you know Sonic and Co.

Do you know Sonic? Do you have the knowledge to become a true fan of Sonic? Do you have the wits to even know Sonic? Take this pretty short quiz and you may even know more than I do and give it your all!

Something you should note of, try not to take very obvious answers as some may be wrong. Be careful on your way up to the end. Here is a small hint, most of the correct answers are in the first 3, some are below the first 3.

Created by: Jonah

  1. Which of Sonic's pals has been his friend since Sonic 2?
  2. Shadow was introduced in Sonic Adventure 2/Battle. Who of the following CHARACTERS was introduced along with him?
  3. In Sonic Unleashed, how did Sonic first meet Chip?
  4. Despite Amy's obsession over Sonic, which of the following games did she first ever hug someone who she thinks is Sonic and nails him correctly?
  5. In which of the canonical Sonic games did Knuckles didn't appear in?
  6. In which of the games did Rouge first change her suit, after Sonic Adventure 2?
  7. In all of the games Metal Sonic has appeared in, only one has him actually having a voice actor instead of Eggman using him. Which game is this?
  8. According to Eggman, he found Shadow in...
  9. Which of Sonic's rivals helped Espio look for the missing Chao in Sonic Rivals 2?
  10. In Sonic Heroes, 3 of the original 4 Chaotix appeared. Who was the one missing?
  11. In most of the canonical games, Eggman wasn't the true villain. In Adventure, who was the true villain other than Eggman?
  12. In the comics, who was Espio's mentor that is currently robotized?
  13. In Sonic Unleashed, what was Chip's real name?

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