Were you a kid of the 70's?

Maybe you wore bell bottoms, or maybe it was the designer jeans. You either loved to get down and boogie, or you hated disco. If so, you grew up in the 1970's. Let's see what you can remember.

Back before Game Boys, cell phones, and the internet was a kind gentle, yet wild and crazy time to "get down". Pin on your smile buttons and peace signs, put that mood ring on your finger, and slip those platform shoes on your feet, and take this quiz!

Created by: Groovy1
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  1. Do you remember your parents waking up and leaving the house at 4:00AM to wait on line for gas?
  2. Saturday morning cartoons were:
  3. The short haircut, known as a wedge, was inspired by which Olympic athlete?
  4. You can remember having a crush on
  5. If you had trouble with the last question, how about these?
  6. Do ever ever think about how much those Wacky Packages would be worth today if you hadn't put the stickers on things or threw them away?
  7. Was there at least one girl named "Debbie" in your class every year.
  8. The following 4 questions are matching. Take the catch phrase, and pick the TV show it came from. "Up your nose with a rubber hose"
  9. Wa Wa Wa!
  10. Kiss My Grits!
  11. Kid Dy-No-Mite !
  12. Who was President of the United States when you were growing up
  13. The Bay City Rollers wore:
  14. Nearly 30 years before her famous wardrobe malfunction, Janet Jackson played the part of a cute wise cracking little girl on:
  15. Greg Brady's picture was in which square?
  16. "Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce special orders don't upset us" was the jingle for
  17. What lunchbox did you have?
  18. How many "channels" to an 8 track tape?

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