Are You a FUN Person QUIZ by liz

Boogie boogie boogie boogie!!! Take a freakin FUN quiz to see if you are FUN or NOT FUN!! (dun, dun, duuun!) How would you know if you're not fun or if you are fun any other way???? By taking this test, that's how!!! Ever feel like a dullard? Well, take this test and you'll know for sure!! Take the stupid fun test!!! You want to, you do!!!!!

A couple o ?s and you'll know if you're Fun or not fun. do it. it's fun. What would make you more fun if you are already? Do you know? Are you one of the fun opressed and it's just not your fault? Find out, and maybe there's something you can do about it! Taking this test is the first step!

Created by: liz of this site
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  1. Do you ever dance when no one else is looking?
  2. Ever skip in public? - within the last two years? (if you're a guy, answer accordingly- ur off the hook)
  3. Do you like Elvis?
  4. Do you like to scare people? Anywhere? Ever?
  5. When was the last time you had a song in your head and sung/hummed/ whistled it aloud?
  6. Do you ever make sound effects when you talk? (i.e-grr, hmph, phht, blech, ktch-ktch, meow, vroom, chk chk chk chk, ppppb, etc)?
  7. Do you enjoy cartoons? (cartoon p--- does NOT count.)
  8. Do you like to imagine yourself as something exciting and different? Something, maybe, more fun than what you already are?
  9. Do you like to discover new things?
  10. Do you like to fall in love?
  11. How would you say you did on this test?

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