Are you a school person or a mall person?

There are so many people in this world, and we are very aware of it! What am I doing! Well, this quiz is about what kind of person you are.. are you a school person? A person who loves his/her school or maybe a nerd or a geek. Or maybe you are a mall person... who loves to socialize, talk with friends, and you don't like to do any school related things...

RAARR!! Just take the quiz! I can't say anything anymore! Good fay! Good luck! Oh come on... How am I able to fill this with words! Well. If you want part two, then I will have part two... But this quiz is boring..So it will be another quiz. Well, Just take a quiz!

Created by: amperatrix
  1. What do you usually do in your free time at school?
  2. It is exam week. You feel like you don't want to take the exam. What will you do?
  3. Your science teacher gives you a project for the Christmas vacation... how will you react?
  4. While you are reviewing for your quiz in history class, your crush asked you if he could join you study because he can't understand the lessons. What will you say?
  5. In your lunch break, what do you usually do?
  6. Do you read non-related pocketbooks at school example: Twilight, Harry Potter, and such?
  7. Every one hates school... You must admit it!! what will you rather do if school wasn't invented?
  8. just pick one!!! You have 5 seconds! I can see you!
  9. How many hours do you stay in school after school?
  10. Finally, are you a class officer?

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Quiz topic: Am I a school person or a mall person?