the ultimate nerd quiz

We all know them. They walk around in libraries wearing their science fair t-shirts and thick glasses. They spend hours in the science lab analyzing, experimenting and researching. You see them in your school, walking around with their bookbags weighting 50lbs from all the books they are caring. They are the ones you ask for help when you don't understand your math homework or when your computer stops working. They are what we know as nerds.

So are you one of them? You don't have to love math or wear glasses to be one. There might a hidden nerd inside of you and you won't even know about it. Would you like to find out? If so, then answer the following questions

Created by: kate

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  1. In school, you were always looking forward...
  2. Math is...
  3. When you were a child, you wanted to become a?
  4. In your free time you enjoy
  5. In high school, your extracurricular activities were?
  6. Can you multiply 64 x 34 in your head?
  7. When it comes to computers...
  8. When it comes to graphic calculators...
  9. Last time you read a book for leisure reading was when?
  10. How often do you watch the discovery chanel?
  11. You went to college to...?
  12. You just bought a new textbook which is extremely thick... what are you thinking about?

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