Cobie and Amanda's Maverick Male Mates?!

this quiz is more fun than applying to college when i applied to college, it was not fun. some people think that this will be more fun than that. i do. everyone does. maybe not, but some people will.

if your name starts with a B or an O that means you are a good person. for halloween you will be a tiger, and at christmas you will get many presents. to know who your boyfriend should be, you have to take this quiz, or you will NEVER LOVE AGAIN. cya!

Created by: Cobieamanda

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Friday night you..
  2. Describe your ultimate mating session...
  3. Describe your mode of transportation
  4. Your beverage preference is as follows.
  5. you dream man keeps under his bed..
  6. what is your philosophy
  7. your footwear status is..
  8. what kind of music
  9. In school you are...
  10. I am...

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