Will you marry your crush?

Have you ever wondered if you and your crush are soul-mates? If yes then this is the test for you! See if it's going to happen or see if it's time to move on!

Thanks to this great quiz, you can see if you and your crush are soul-mates! I hope this quiz helps you find the perfect person for you. I hope you do enjoy this quiz.

Created by: Regan
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  1. Have you ever asked him/her out?
  2. If you did ask him/her out, what did he/she say?
  3. Have you ever seen him/her "look" at you?
  4. When you're talking to him/her, does he/she look into your eyes?
  5. Does he/she talk to you more or you friend?
  6. Have you overheard him/her talking about you to some of his/her friends?
  7. Have your friends ever told you he/she said something really nice about you?
  8. Is he/she older or younger than you?
  9. How close to him/her are you?
  10. Would you tell him/her more about your problems, or you friend?

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Quiz topic: Will I marry my crush?