does your crush like you

there are crus quizes but this one rocks you will find out if your crush likes you just take my quiz! it is a little boring but you will be at least a little pleased so please take my quiz i am a expert im a girl so you know i know what you want to know

do you want to know you will know if you take this quiz and i wouldnt say it if it wasnt true! i know boys because i have a brother and i get him to spill the beans also i give tips about boys in this quiz also so you will have some fun

Created by: kayla
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  1. is he smart is he cute is he respectful does he care is he a good person is he popular
  2. does he play with his hair
  3. has he asked you out
  4. is he a good flirt
  5. does he act as if he likes you
  6. do you like him because he is a good person
  7. is he your only crush
  8. is he the one
  9. does he act different when heis around you
  10. is he a... NERD
  11. if you answered yes to 4. 5. 11. 3. your crush likes you!

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you