What should your next halloween costume be? (girls)

There are always kids and teens trick-or-treating around the neighborhoods, but are they really wearing the right costume? What is the right costume? Something that really suits you, is most like you, and that you really love. If it is forced upon you, then it is not perfect!

Do you have the right costume? Are you going to be a princess, goth, or guy? Do you not no? if so, good, because that means that there is a purpose for this quiz to exist and I wasted 20 minutes for something. If not, you know what? you can take it anyway to make sure.

Created by: Amanda
  1. Who are you going trick-or-treating with?
  2. What song do you like?
  3. What color do you like to wear?
  4. What shoes do you like?
  5. Your pet is...
  6. Your bag is...
  7. your nail polish is...
  8. Your hair is usually...
  9. Why did you take my quiz?
  10. ...

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Quiz topic: What should Ir next halloween costume be? (girls)