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There are few times more stressful than the days leading up to Halloween. Should you be the ax murder or the tree this year? The nurse or the well-endowed patient? If you choose wisely, candy beyond your wildest dreams awaits! But if not...

Relax! For each statement in this personality quiz, just indicate the degree to which you agree you disagree. Then sit back and let this wonderfully imprecise algorithm do the rest!

Created by: Jack O. Lantern
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  1. I have a recurring dream of being flipped on a grill.
  2. I panic when my iPod batteries are low.
  3. Green is one of my favorite colors.
  4. A world without ketchup would be very sad indeed.
  5. Of all those unavoidable house chores, sweeping is one of my faves.
  6. Cats should be our national pet once the bald eagles become extinct.
  7. Shopping is more fun when the store plays some tunes.
  8. Sometimes it just feels good to be treated like a piece of meat.
  9. Colorful lights add a nice mood to a room.
  10. The calendar should be redrawn so that the dates starting from New Years Day read 365th Halloween Eve, 364th Halloween Eve, 363rd Halloween Eve, etc, etc.

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