How well do you know Stardoll?

There are some Stardoll fans and we know it but do you know there are some ultra Stardoll fans? But to be one you have to stay hours on Stardoll and research it. [Well sometimes!]

Are you a true Stardoll fan? Sure you may be a normal fan but are you an ultra fan? Thanks to me and my wonderful quiz, [lolz] you can find out! Hope you like!

Created by: cori

  1. When did Stardoll first open?
  2. What's the main thing to do on Stardoll?
  3. Who made Stardoll?
  4. How many Stardollars do you get if you upgrade to Superstar for 6 months?
  5. Whats the motto for Stardoll?
  6. Who's Isobel Stardoll?
  7. Who was the latest fashion contest winner from Saudi Arabia?
  8. What celeb has the most members of their fan club?
  9. Who is the most popular from APG?
  10. What club was the first ever?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Stardoll?