How well do you know Kristen Stewart?

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Do you know a lot about Kristen Stewart? Many people know her as Bella from Twilight, but there is so much more to her than that one (EPIC!) movie saga. I like Kristen because she is cool, calm, and collected. Or Calm, cool, and collected...whatever..

I got all this K-Stew info from the web and from various interviews from over the years. I hope you like the quiz and at the end please comment and rate!

Created by: kim1499

  1. Welcome to the K-Stew Quiz! The first question is...How old was Kristen when she had her first TV interview?
  2. What is Kristen's full name?
  3. If you know a lot about K-Stew, you may know that she likes kitties. What is her cat's name?
  4. When Kristen played Bella in Twilight, she wore contacts, even in the movies where she was human. What is her real eye color?
  5. Which (amazing) female singer/guitar player did K-Stew play in 2010?
  6. How old was Kristen when she dropped out of school?
  7. Which instrument can K-Stew play?
  8. What is her natural hair color?
  9. What kind of clothes does K-Stew like to wear?
  10. Which of these people does Kristen really look up to?
  11. Hmm..I could think of some more but i bet you're ready for your result! And one more thing, please comment and rate? Thanks if you do i would really appreciate it! Go K-Stew!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Kristen Stewart?