Twilight Saga: Who Is...

If you know the Stephenie Meyer´s Twilight Saga (which I´m sure you do) and if you have read it (which I hope you have), this quiz may be the one for you. I´ve made it for fun and I hope you´ll have fun taking it!

The quiz is not focused on the plot (so seeing the one movie doesn´t help - but you can still try!). Actually, it´s focused on the various nicknames, titles and funny "definitions" of the Twilight saga characters and includes knowledge from all four books! I wish you luck and... ENJOY!

Created by: Tar_Ancalime
  1. Okay, let´s start with an easy one: Who are "a stupid lamb" and "a sick, masochistic lion"?
  2. According to Jasper, who is a "frightening little monster"?
  3. Who is Bella´s "personal sun"?
  4. Who is "the most dangerous creature" Edward´s ever met?
  5. Who is the "Beauty Queen"?
  6. Who is the "silly, beautiful, oversensitive girl"?
  7. Who is the "vampire mother hen"?
  8. Which couple is "soprano and bass"?
  9. Now, who is the "world´s best dad"?
  10. Who is Edward´s "la tua cantante"?
  11. There were three people included in Alice´s "idiots"... Which ones?
  12. Who is "Dr. Fang"?
  13. Who is the "overprotective fool"?
  14. Who is "a sort of package deal"?
  15. Who is the "patron saint of ethics"? :)
  16. Who is the "baby seal"?
  17. Who is the "lifesaver"?
  18. Who is (sometimes) a "disappointment as a brother"?
  19. Who is the "redhead"?
  20. Who is "sort of a pet" of the Cullens?
  21. Who is "a bullet from a gun"?
  22. And finally: Who is the "little nudger"?

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