How much are you a Kristen Stewart fan?

Are you a real Kristen Stewart fan? How much do you know about her and her life? Find it out now by making this quiz! Created by

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Created by: Luka

  1. What is Kristen Stewart's second name?
  2. Does Kristen have 3 dogs?
  3. Where is Kristen born?
  4. What role does Kristen play in her movie 'The Messengers'?
  5. Was Kristen Stewart engaged with Michael Angarano?
  6. Is Kristen a fan of Green Day?
  7. Which role does Kristen play in 'The Runaways'?
  8. Kristen began her career at the age of 7.
  9. Is 'East of Eden' Kristen's favorite book?
  10. Kristen initially wasn't interested in the role of Bella Swan in 'Twilight'.

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Quiz topic: How much am I a Kristen Stewart fan?