New Years Part 1

well this is the begging of my new quiz and my first i hope people like sorry it ended there because i thought you could back but i guess you cant i will write the rest tomorrow sorry

well who will you chose the nice smart guy name timothy who is the only one that comes out in the first one i'm so sorry hope you like it though the rest is going to come out tomorrow night sorry kristen

Created by: Kristen
  1. Well its 1:03pm and you finally wake up from your sleepover at your best friend Sam's house who is rich.Well luckily for you the day is finally here for Sam's New Years party which the whole 12th grade was talking about.Sam was nice enough to invite all the students in the school.So when you finally realize that it is 1:03 you turn to your left to see Sam sleeping so you decide to wake her up "Sam"she doesn't wake up this time you decide to shake her shoulder"Sam"she doesn't move.So you get up,turn the stereo to high and put in a CD which she hates but you love.You press play "Aaaaaaaa"you cant help but laugh at the expression on her face "Why you do that for?" "Well first of all its the day of the party and you didn't wake up when i try'd to" "Oh,okay what ever lets get dress okay".Luckily for you she is very forgiving,so you guys decide to go to her closet which pretty much every girl in the world dreams of having "Okay pick what ever you want" What do you chose? P.s only short dresses
  2. So you choose which ever dress...Which looks great on you.Sam takes alot of pictures to put in your best friend scrap book.Which you kind of thought was lame at first but you did it for Sam which was really nice of you...but at the end you thought it was kind of cool.So when your done with close its time for make up and hair.When your finally done its already 3:10 and there is still three hours until the party How do you waste time?
  3. Well when your done with what ever you were doing you finally realize what time it is, its already 6:12 well its still early but you have to help Sam be the host for the party.When you go down the stairs you cant help but look at Sam's baby pictures every time your going down the stairs you have to look at them...but right when the pictures are about to end, you see a new picture that you've never seen's Sam's family, your mouth drops you can't help but look at how beautiful they look.What catches your eye the most?
  4. Well right when your about to call Sam she is right next to you."Hey I need help almost all the Seniors are...." "Sam?" "Umm yeah?" "When did you take this picture?" "2 weeks ago...why are you asking?" "Just asking".You can't help but keep on looking at the four guys, before you know it she has her finger on guy number 1"Okay this is Timothy,Tim for short he is 1 of the 4 guys I keep seeing you look at" You cant help but blush that she notice. Next she points at guy number 3 "This is my cousin Alan, don't fall for his little tricks, please, he plays with every girl he thinks is hot,Okay?" you shake your head in agreement.Next she points at the second guy "This is Tyler, he is very nice and..." next you see Sam just go blank and keep on starring at the picture like if she was in love with him,was she? "Sam" "Um yeah" "Do you like him" "What?!" "Sam you know you can't lie to me" "Okay, I do, but its okay if you do I can back off" "Sam I can't like him by just looking at the picture,besides if you like him its okay with me your the first one who saw him anyways...".Next thing you know she hugging you so tightly you can't breathe,"You know your the best friend I've ever had you know that right" "Yes, I know that...Um Sam can we find out who is the last guy."Okay that's David,he loves to party,he is so fun to have at party's" "So these are your hot cousins" "Um why would I like my cousin,only Alan is my cousin" "What then why are they in the family picture?" "Oh that's easy, they are close family friends" "Um weird, but okay" "Yeah, I invited them to the party" How do you feel?
  5. "What!, why didn't you tell me" "Umm well I didn't think you would want to go out with anyone after the break up" "Ugh,I'm so over that" "________,you were a mess after Jacob dumped you for Emily, and...." Before you know it your running up the stairs as fast as you can, crying(Water proof make-up so your good).So once your up the stairs you lock yourself in Sam's room,and sit on her bed crying."Umm,Hi"you freak out and look to your right to see Timothy on the phone...."Hey call you back later bye" "Oh sorry,you didn't have to hang up" "Its okay I was going to hang up anyways________" "Talking to your girlfriend,umm how do know my name" "No I'm single, talking to my friend...Oh I'm sorry Hi I'm Timothy"he said softly but sounded so perfect out of his lips"Umm you didn't answer my question" "So I see you stop crying, why were you crying?" "Don't change the subject"."Ugh,Sam told me"
  6. You believe him but he is acting all weird about it "Oh okay,so where are your friends" "Well,they are already here want to meet them" "Yeah,sure" So then it hits why Sam didn't come running after she knew he was in here. How do you feel?
  7. So when your head down the stairs you notice Tim is holding your hand. When you reach the bottom of the stairs you notice that everyone is already there.So right when your about to ask Tim about what school he goes to...someone sneaks up behind next thing you know your about to fall on the floor but who ever it was catches you before you fall.When you finally turn around its Alan,you can't help but notice how cute he is...."Um hi, _________ right???" "Oh hi,you must be Alan right" You look at Tim and notice he looks a little down,your thinking why would he be sad and you realize that you said Alan's name but not his "Nice @**" "Excuse me what did you say" "Umm Alan you shouldn't be talking to girls that way" "Oh and look how you turned out,Your dateless and single so wonder Sabrina cheated on you" "Umm actually I'm his date" "What!" they both say surprised.....cliffhanger

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