The end (part one)

It is the year 5000. The world has been taken over by an alien race that has wiped out majority of the human race. Can 2 humans on the run be happy in the midle of living hell?

You are a 17 year old girl in the midle of this madness. After the human army fell 5 years ago you fled into the wilderness. You have lived the past years by avoiding the scouts that comb the area and taking what you need from the abandoned houses. You havent found any other survivors. Until Now.....

Created by: Louise
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  1. Its the year 5000 and the human race is being hunted into extinction by an alien race called the bhug. The war between the humans and the bhug has been long and hard. In the end the bhug distroyed the majority. You survived. The bhug took the human dead and created a new bhugs with them as human bodies are more durible. The new generation of bhugs look and act like humans, the only thing that makes them differnt is the long thin scar along the arm.
  2. You have been on the run for 5 years and haven't found a single survivor. You have escaped the clutches of the small groups of bhug call Kdal but live in fear of being discovered by a Grwil (an elite member of the Kdal who has spent at least 10 years learning to kill). You fount an abandoned hut about 2 weeks ago and have been living there since. You know that even though the war has finished the bhugs still send out Kdals to check for remaining humans so you have to move position every couple of weeks. You knew the bhugs had more or less decided to let the human race die out but you weren’t taking any chances. You packed up anything useful, strapped your long silver dagger to your hip and stepped out of the hut. You hear the rustling of a bush and spun around with your dagger in your hands. You see the bush. What do you do?
  3. Well it doesn’t matter what you picked because suddenly a tall muscular boy leaps out and attacks you with another dagger. This was weird, as the bhugs didn’t carry daggers because they had access to guns and bombs from earth and outer space. The Grwil use them but if it were a Grwil, you'd be dead already. He lunges, you parry. You check his arm and gasp! There was no scar. He cuts overhead but you block just in time. Here you are at the end of the human species and you were trying to kill another human. You drop your dagger as he lungs and stabs your shoulder. You scream in pain. Your shoulder is in agony! The muscular teen has your blade and has stepped over you to deliver the final blow. You look up at him and stare into his eyes. They showed no sign of forgiveness. The end is coming; you see that and accept it. You can’t help but see the funny side of your situation. The end of the human race, Bhugs try as hard as they can but in the end, humans will finish themselves off. Darkness clouds your eyesight. Your shoulder throbs in pain. He has raised the blade up high. You hear a cry. “Jake, stop!” You figure that the teen who was about to kill you was called Jake. It was getting hard to think. All you can fell is the blood seeping out though your shoulder. The blackness invites you in. The space around you goes blurry. You give in with a final breath and submit into the darkness.
  4. The first thing you realise is that you can hear voices. Second thing is that you’ve hear one before, Quite recently. You can’t tell what they are saying. Wait a min, aren’t you meant to be dead! With that submitting into the darkness and all that. You still can feel the throbbing of your shoulder though it’s not so bad now. The voices have left now and you think, Who are they? What are they doing? Where have they been all this time? “She’ll be coming round now,” a soft voice murmured. You hadn’t realised that the voices were back. “She can probably hear us now.” Your eyes flash open. You are lying on a couch in the middle of a large white room. Your shoulder has been treated and bandaged. There wasn’t much furniture just 2 couches (one of them you’re lying on), a coffee table and a battered old radio. On the other couch, you see two boys. One of them was the one who tried to kill you; the other was sprawled across the other couch watching you. He had tousled blond hair and light brown eyes that got darker towards the pupil. “Are you alright?” he asked, his voice as smooth as honey.
  5. “Fine” you stammer, “Who are you? Where am I? What’s happening?” You have started to panic. “Aren’t you curious” he grinned and his face lit up. “My names Jo and this is my brother Jake. And you are?” You wonder if you can trust them and decide that you kinda have to. “My names ____________.” You tell them. “So ____________, I apologise for my brothers rashness, I did tell him, but what would you have thought? We haven’t seen another human in 5 years!!!!” You look at Jake and
  6. “I’m so sorry,” Jake, says his voice husky, “I thought you were a Grwil. Jo told me not to go attacking you like that but I just charged in. I know it’s not much of an excuse but it the truth and…” You cut him off “its ok, everything is fine now.”(You say this even if you don’t mean it) “Cool” Jake grins. You look at him and notice he is really tall and muscular; it is obvious that he is the brawns of the group while Jo’s the brains. His eyes are more playful than before and a light sky blue colour that is very rare these days. His brother jumps off the couch. Jo is short! You are surprised; Jo always had an air of confidents that made him seem bigger and taller than he really is. You sigh for
  7. “So do you want to come with us?” Jake smiled at the thought. “or do you want to go your own” Jo’s words made Jake frown.
  8. “Ill come” you tell them “I could use the company, where are we going to?” Jake looked pleased and he smiled widely. “Well we were going to stay here tonight then move up north a bit tomorrow but if you had other plans…” Jake let the sentence trail off. “No north is fine” you assure him. “Awesome” he exclaimed, “I’m going to collect some firewood” Jo chucked quietly. “What?” you ask him. “Jakes got a crush on you. Isn’t it obvious?”
  9. “Really?” you ask. “Yes” Jo replied, “It’s late and need dinner. Ill go and get Jake as he has forgotten the number one rule out here NO FIRES AFTER DARK.” As he swaggers off you hear a noise. A snap of a branch. You are suddenly aware that you are not alone. You turn to see a 20-year old facing you. You note his sleek black hair, his startling green eyes and the long thin scar down his arm. This man isn’t only a bhug he’s out searching for survivors yet he’s not in a Kdal that leaves only one other type of bhug. He was a Grwil. He draws his knife as you let out a scream.
  10. So who do you like(note: Will NOT have a infunce on final score.)
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