Which Mary Stewart novel should you read?

Mary Stewart is a much beloved author of romantic suspense and historical fiction novels. She published from the mid-1950s through the 1980s. Her books were all bestsellers and continue to be reprinted again and again.

If you've never read a Mary Stewart novel, you are in for a treat. Use this quiz to determine which of her romantic suspense novels you might like best.

Created by: Jennie of Mary Stewart Fan Site
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  1. What setting would you most like reading about?
  2. What sort of heroine would you like to read about?
  3. How do you like your hero?
  4. Which plot device intrigues you the most?
  5. How scared do you like to be?
  6. Which of the following most interests you?
  7. Which leading personality trait do you find most appealing in the heroine?
  8. How do you like you love story?
  9. What thrills you the most?
  10. Which hero do you want to hear more about?

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Quiz topic: Which Mary Stewart novel should I read?