Acts of the Apostles

There are many who quote the Bible wrongly. They take verses out of context and put their own meaning to it. They think they understand but are really showing how truly ignorant they really are. It is not good enough just to read the Word of God. One must also study and understand what you have read. Read between the lines, so to speak. Understanding sets one apart.

Have you read the Word? Have you understood what you have read? Are you strong enough to not only take the test but also to past the test. Take the test and find out. God Bless!!!

Created by: Merle

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  1. Who is the acknowledged writer of the Book of Acts?
  2. With What did John Baptize?
  3. What were they to receive from the Holy Ghost?
  4. To where does "Jerusalem" refer?
  5. How was Jesus taken up?
  6. From which mount did the disciples return after Jesus was taken up?
  7. When Peter begins to speak, which Old Testament king does he reference?
  8. to whom is Peter referring when he said that this man "purchased a field with the reward of iniquity"?
  9. What does "Aceldama" mean?
  10. Who were the two appointed by Peter?
  11. What psalm and verse is quoted in Acts 1:20?
  12. On whom did the lot fall?

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