Do you know America's top Cities' Musicians?

There's nothing better than city living and good music. But what's the story behind the two combined? Major musicians and musical acts come from some of America's major cities--but do you know where?

This quiz wants to test your knowledge of both modern and classic musical acts and their links with America's most popular cities! These people and places in the music culture came from all over, but your job is to know where!

Created by: Grace of The Average Chronicles
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  1. What blues-rock artist hails from Austin, Texas?
  2. What city does rock band Wilco call home?
  3. Patti Smith Group, Blondie, and the Ramones all got their start (or at least made appearances) in this legendary New York club. What is it?
  4. Where was the Beatles' first American concert appearance?
  5. Rapper Snoop Dogg is known for being a West Coast native. Where was he born?
  6. The Grand Ole Opry is a country music haven who has featured artists like Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and Vince Gill. It's located in what city?
  7. Rock band Pearl Jam got their start in what city?
  8. R&B star and television personality Nick Cannon was born in what California city?
  9. Chicago is the latest host of what music festival?
  10. The late singer and actor Frank Sinatra sang about all these cities except for?

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Quiz topic: Do I know America's top Cities' Musicians?