How nice are you?

There are really kind people in this world, and they make this world a better place for everyone. Nice people are kind to others, family, friends and animals. They practice acts of random acts of kindness every day.

Are you kind? Do you do nice things for other people? Are you kind and gentle with animals? Do you take good care of you family and friends, and even strangers?

Created by: Steven
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  1. Do you give people hugs when they need it?
  2. Do you smile alot?
  3. Are you kind to animals?
  4. Do you yell at people?
  5. Are you evil?
  6. Do you practice acts of random kindness towards others?
  7. Do you like other people?
  8. Do you take good care of your parents and/or children?
  9. Do you like kids?
  10. Do you like grown-ups?

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Quiz topic: How nice am I?