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  • I tried to answer each question as honestly as possible, but the result was totally unexpected. My favorite MS book is actualy Nine Coaches Waiting. Touch Not The Cat would have been way down on my list of favorites But then, I'm crazy about cats and always have been, so...

  • I was surprised at the result 'touch not the Cat' though I do love this ; it is way down on my list, My favourites ,( not includin the Merlin trilogy ) in order

    My brother Michael,
    Madam will you walk
    The Gabriel Hounds

  • I discovered "My Brother Michael" in a box in my 89-year old mother's garage. It was fabulous and I'm missing Camilla and Simon so much. I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of Mrs. Stewart's books.

  • Quiz results were interesting. The Ivy Tree...the one Mary Stewart book I don't remember ever reading. I'll look for it at the library when I return the 2 books I'm reading now.

  • I took the quiz for fun and was amazed and amused to see the outcome - my favourites. (Besides the Merlin-Arthur tetralogy)

  • When will Mary Stewart's books become e-books in the United States?


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