How Much Do You Look Like Kristen Stewart

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There are many look a likes in this world but not many look like the real deal.And what i've noticed is that they are not many Kristen Stewart Look Alike's

Do you look like Kristen Stewart? Thanks to a great quiz you can find out in just 12 questions.Please Comment on this quiz and I hope you enjoy it and get the result you want.

Created by: Pixie123
  1. What is your current hair colour?
  2. What's your eye colour?
  3. How is your hair?
  4. What's your skin colour?
  5. What's your style?
  6. Do you wear a lot of/any make up?
  7. How's your body build?
  8. How are you nails?
  9. How do you usually wear your hair
  10. What shoes would you wear to a party?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Look Like Kristen Stewart