what are you addicted to? (food edition)

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there are many types of addicts out there. it is not limited to drug addicts and sex addicts either. we are human and sometimes we are addicted to the craziest things. that is just who we are.

remember what are you addicted to? the quiz that was taking over 1.2 K times. well here comes what are you addicted to food edition. take the quiz and find out what you are addicted to today!

Created by: teendetectivekc

  1. your friend invites you to this fancy restaurant. what do order as your appetizer?
  2. still at that restaurant with your friend. what do you order for the main meal?
  3. (only if you go to school) what do you have for lunch?
  4. (only if you have a job) what do you have for lunch?
  5. what is the last thing you want to eat before you die?
  6. if you could open a restaurant what type of restaurant would it be?
  7. what do you want for dessert?
  8. okay some homeless man wants your lunch. what do you do?(doesn't effect your score)
  9. okay this time i will not ask what is your favorite color.
  10. did you like this quiz?(be honest. does not effect score)

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Quiz topic: What am I addicted to? (food edition)