what are you addicted to?

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there are many types of addicts. not just drug addicts and sex addicts either. some people are addicted to the weirdest stuff like feet... creepy. others are more normal like chocolate, but face it we are all addicted to something.

have you always wondered what you are addicted to? Besides stuff like drugs and sex? do you want to know what makes you leave this world and enter your own? take this awesome quiz and find out.

Created by: teendetectivekc
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  1. you have a math assignment that is due tomorrow. How do you prepare for it?
  2. you and your friends are making plans to hang out this weekend. what are you going to do?
  3. you are going on vacation with your family. what are you looking foward to?
  4. the power went out of your house! what are you going to do?
  5. you broke your mom's vase and she is pissed. she says she is going to tske away the most important thing from you. what is it?
  6. okay she gave your most important thing back to you. you...
  7. this guy/girl says she likes you and you start dating, but you notice he/she is only dating you for...
  8. you was having a good day until your friend told you he/she sold your most important thing. why did your friend do that?
  9. you know you can't take a quiz without this question(well you can, but not this time) what's you favorite color?
  10. did you like this quiz?(be honest)

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Quiz topic: What am I addicted to?