Are You Addcited to WoW?

Do you play World of Warcraft? If yes, check if your addicted. This quiz tests you to find out if you're a wow addict, a border line player or if your not addicted at all!

Do you love World of Warcraft? Take this quiz to find out if your addicted! This quiz can determine if you need to lay down your playing or if the amounts of WoW you play are completely normal!

Created by: Marcin
  1. Do you attend all your guild raids?
  2. If an evening social event overlaps with your World of Warcraft raid, what do you do?
  3. If your playing World of Warcraft and your parents call you for dinner or your own dinner is ready you
  4. When you go for a holiday do you
  5. I have
  6. Is your main characters gear
  7. When creating a character do you
  8. The amount of gold on your account is
  9. If you have no money on your bank account and no unused gamecards do you
  10. If genie gave you the chance to pick one of the things below, which would you take

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Quiz topic: Am I Addcited to WoW?