What Website Are You Addicted To?

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There are many people who are addicted to the internet. But what website are they addicted to. Find out which one you are addicted to in a short amount of time with this quick, and easy quiz.

This quiz has 5 different results. They are google, facebook, netflix, youtube, and nothing. Find out which one you are addicted in this awesome quiz. Enjoy!

Created by: Heather
  1. What is your homepage? (the page that pops up when you open internet explorer)
  2. Do you have a gmail account?
  3. Do you have a youtube account?
  4. Do you have a facebook account?
  5. Do you have a netflix account?
  6. Do you have an account on other websites beside google, facebook, youtube,& netflix?
  7. Do you like to make videos on youtube?
  8. Do you play the facebook games?
  9. Do you rent/stream movies and tv shows from netflix?
  10. Do you like to look up tons of things on google?
  11. Do you have a twitter account?
  12. Are you subscribed to over 1000 people on youtube?
  13. Do you go on google to look up words to see what they mean/the correct spelling?
  14. Do you have a facebook account for your pet/pets?
  15. Do you watch movies everyday on netflix?
  16. Do you have over 500 subscribers on youtube? If you don't make videos than do you watch youtube videos everyday?

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Quiz topic: What Website am I Addicted To?