How addicted are you to Subeta?

This quiz is about Subeta, a wonderful virtual petsite where you can make new friends. The quiz specifically tries to determine how much you are addicted to Subeta.

With some intelligent questions but some completely weird ones (all of them are still about Subeta in some way), I'm sure you'll have fun answering this quiz. Enjoy!

Created by: Thia
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  1. You see a great outfit in your favorite clothes shop. Your thought is...
  2. You see someone wearing a black hat with neon green spots.You think...
  3. You're in the mall with some friends and you hear someone say "Keith".You react by...
  4. On Halloween, you dress up as...
  5. You win the gold medal at a contest.What comes immediately to your mind?
  6. Your parents are talking about recycling.Wanting to join the conversation, you say:
  7. You're in the forest and you see some deer. You react by saying...
  8. SU...
  9. What is the proper word used for referring to users of Subeta?
  10. How many hours do you spend daily on Subeta?
  11. Where did you find this quiz?
  12. FWEEE!!!!
  13. Pock, Saper and Riscors

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Quiz topic: How addicted am I to Subeta?