How addicted are you to Subeta? V2!

I saw my quiz posted on the Subeta Forums and I saw a lot of feedback.So,without further ado, here is the 2nd version of the "How addicted are you to Subeta?" quiz!

With harder questions,this quiz will have you thinking a bit harder then the 1st version.But dont worry,there are some silly questions near the end. I hope you enjoy.=D

Created by: Thia
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  1. Where does the Old Wizard live?
  2. Who says "I love food! I adore it so much, in fact, that I want all of the food in Subeta. All of it. I happen to be very rich due to some of my past escapades, so I want to take all of those useless vittles right off your hands! Do we have a deal?"?
  3. Who likes to ask for high-expense items?
  4. Which item has the following description? "These gloves are awesome for use in the kitchen. Hey check out the blood ... I wonder what happened ... ?"
  5. What is the rarity of the Book of Love?
  6. What long item made of cloth and usually wrapped around the neck is rainbow-colored and has the number '100' at each end?
  7. Which one is not a real pet species on Subeta?
  8. Which pet species looks like deer but with mis-shapen eyes?
  9. What are the main colors of a Glacier pet?
  10. Who's Keith?
  11. Who adds the trivias?
  12. SU-
  13. I LOVE-
  14. Did you do the 1st version of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How addicted am I to Subeta? V2!