Are you addicted to TV?

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TV's f---ing ace, ay? Most people have at least fifty in their homes! There's always some s---e on but how much do you really lurveee TV? Take my mutha fudgin' quiz and get given a result you're already pretty aware of. Dares ya. 99.9% ACCURACY!!! Woof!

So how much does TV control you? Are you addicted or are you above all the hype and jazz of the reality crap that's generated today? FIND OUT NOW ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Created by: BAX of BAX BLOG
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  1. Is there a TV on in the room you're in?
  2. Do you know what time certain soaps and reality shows start?
  3. Who won Ultimate Big Brother?
  4. If there's no TV in your hotel room are you disappointed?
  5. Do you sometimes plan things around a tv schedule?
  6. Do you sometimes kiss your TV, or others?
  7. Do you think about TV when you're not with your TV?
  8. If all your TVs broke today when would you get a new one?
  9. TV is...
  10. As christmas nears what is your favourite part?
  11. For some messed up reason your TV and a family member are hanging off a cliff. There's a strong possibility you'll be able to save them both but which one do you reach for first?
  12. How many hours do you estimate you'll watch on an average day?

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to TV?