How addicted to facebook are you?

Social networks are becoming more and more popular and a lot of people have dangerous addictions to them. Facebook is one of the top social network on the web - come and see how addicted to it are you.

Do you spend too much time online? Are you constantly checking your news update? It could be that you are addicted to Facebook! Hurry up and take this test to find out!

Created by: Diana
  1. How often are you on Facebook?
  2. What do you open first when you open your browser?
  3. How often do you update your status on Facebook?
  4. If something important (bad or good) happens – do you post in on Facebook?
  5. If you take photographs will you post them on Facebook?
  6. When you meet someone new do you add them on Facebook?
  7. Why did you sign up for Facebook?
  8. Who are the people that are your friends on Facebook?
  9. Do you use Facebook on your mobile phone?
  10. If your friend/family member doesn't have Facebook you...?
  11. Do you use Facebook to organize events/find out about events?
  12. How many additional apps have you installed that you actually use?
  13. Have you ever made a friend/date on Facebook?
  14. How many pages/groups are you following?
  15. Are you going to post your score on Facebook?

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Quiz topic: How addicted to facebook am I?