Are you a Facebook geek?

So you signed up for Facebook. Next thing you know, you're finding friends you forgot existed, friends are finding you, and the world suddenly seems much more open!

But are you turning into one of those Facebook geeks? The kind that add apps left and right, invite all their friends to join in the 'Facebook Fun', and generally spend WAY too much time on Facebook? Find out with this quiz written by a real Facebook geek!

Created by: Geronimo

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  1. How often do you log into Facebook?
  2. When do you log into Facebook?
  3. Who do you accept as friends on Facebook?
  4. When you add an app to your profile, do you...
  5. How many apps do you have on your profile right now?
  6. Do you spend your time thinking of witty things to write in your status?
  7. You're having a great night out, snapping pictures every moment you get. The thought going through your head?
  8. How many of your friends are on Facebook because you either invited them or begged them to?
  9. How did you end up being on Facebook?
  10. Would YOU say you're a Facebook geek?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Facebook geek?