What Naruto Justu do you use??

There are many cool, suave people, but few people are geeks. a geek is, afterall, quite exceptional. What is a geek? A geek is someone who has an extraordinarily clever mind, is able to solve complex problems, and see the world through an entirely mathy point of veiw. by taking this quiz, you admit to being a GEEK! oh yeah, i went there!

Are YOU a Naruro Geek? Do you have the skills? Until now you could only wonder what jutsu you could use. But thanks to this great quiz, in just waist a half-hour and you will find out!"

Created by: Bryton of GameHelp
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  1. what is tia jutsu?
  2. how do you kill?
  3. how do your eat?
  4. how do you sleep?
  5. what do you like best?
  6. pick
  7. pick
  8. pick
  9. what do you think?
  10. is this quiz pointless?
  11. do you like smores?
  12. do you like Lemonade?
  13. do you like you?
  14. are you "special"?
  15. do people say you're vain?
  16. are you a hot-head?
  17. is your family special like you?
  18. do you like volcanoes?
  19. do you have boy/girlfriend?
  20. are you wierd? messed up?
  21. The next quistions have no impact on the outcome, like this one. please answer!
  22. was this quiz helpful?
  23. did you like it?
  24. could it use improvement?
  25. if yes, what?
  26. whats so special about this phrase? "rats live on no evil star"???
  27. first, not going to tell you what's special about the last question! second, if you know, good for you!
  28. !!!last question!!! random madness!

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Quiz topic: What Naruto Justu do I use??