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I've seen some pretty pathetic looking Naruto quizzes. I passed them with ease and thought they were a joke. If you saw the same thing, then you know what I mean. This little quiz is 100% Naruto and truly tests your "Naruto Fandom" so jump into the action and let's see what you really know about the knuckle-headed ninja we call "Uzumaki".

The presure is on, can you take it? The information ranges from the very first chapter to the most recent chapters in the Shippuden (Hurricane Chronicle) comics. If you don't think you know the answers, give it a try anyway. You may find out some interesting stuff you never knew before.

Created by: UchihaMAX

  1. Which of the following is NOT a Jutsu used by Uzumaki Naruto?
  2. Which of the follow Jutsu did Tsunade forbid to be used?
  3. Which of the following is all of the Akatsuki Characters that have been revealed so far in the series?
  4. Which Inner Demons have been captured by Akatsuki
  5. What does Akatsuki mean?
  6. Who taught the Sannin?
  7. Which fight has NOT happened in an acutal manga chapter yet?
  8. Is Hidan (from Akatsuki) dead?
  9. How did Kakuzu (from Akatsuki) die?
  10. Did Sasuke kill Orochimaru?
  11. Can Kakashi receive the Mangekyou Sharingan?
  12. Rock Lee has fought all but one of the following. Which one has Lee NOT fought?
  13. What kind of Contest have Gai and Kakashi NOT gone against eachother in yet?
  14. Which of the following is not an official Chuunin?
  15. After Sasuke battles Orochimaru, who joins Sasuke's new team?
  16. What does Sasuke call his team once it is assembled?
  17. Which is not an official Kekki Genkai?
  18. When Kakashi is unable to leave the hospital for a while, who aids Naruto and Sakura to Sasori's spy?
  19. Who was Sasori's spy in Orochimaru's Organization?
  20. Who is an offical Jonin in the Leaf Village?
  21. Who killed Asuma?
  22. What handsigns are used for Raikiri?
  23. Who, in Konoha, has the Wind Element?
  24. Who was the first opponent Naruto defeated in battle?
  25. Who is Naruto with when he wonders if he is what "having a father is like"?
  26. When the Demon Fox's chakra has been released recently, "Chakra Tails" also are shown which are different levels of Chakra released. What is the highest number of tails seen so far?
  27. Deidara's jutsu involve what?
  28. Akasuna no Sasori makes his puppets out of what?
  29. How many Inner Gates as Gai opened?
  30. Why does Naruto want to save Sasuke from leaving Konoha?
  31. How many puppets can Sasori control at once?
  32. Why does Deidara hate the Sharingan?
  33. Who was Orochimaru's student in Konoha?
  34. Who has been cursed with Orochimaru's Curse Mark?
  35. Where is Zabuza Momochi's Sword?
  36. Who is the leader of Akatsuki?
  37. Which is not an official Ninja Rank
  38. What Naruto video game was released or is going to be released for the Nintendo Wii?
  39. What color is Sakura's eyes?
  40. Final Question: Who is the current Kazekage?

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