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  • Your Result: Stop Talking to the Wall

    You are the type of person who goes to Taco Bell and orders a Double Cheese Burger, funny thing about it is that you are serious and get mad when they tell you that they don't have burgers there.

    Straight Up Dumb Nut
    Meh! Your a lil Weird

    --- soo me... i liked this quiz... 10 STARS!!!

  • A bit weird,what's wrong with liking pokemon? Anyway I am very unique and indifferent and like it that way. I don't care what others think about me anymore.

  • atop talking to the wall and the taco bell thing has happened to me more then once!! xD

    Too me
  • yay dumb nutz!!! abcdefghijk.... wait what? o well yay potatoes!


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