Are you weird or normal? o.O

One way or another, were all weird, but can one truthfully be called weird? This quiz will deice if you are weird or just another boaring average, monkey say monkey do, person.

So. Are you ready to find out if your true calling is being weird? Take the quiz to find out if you suit the chicken suit, or the boaring average normal person suit!

Created by: AutumnFilly

  1. You find a rotton apple core on the street. What do you think?
  2. You mother asks you if your Bi, do you:
  3. Who is your favourite M&M?
  4. Choose one
  5. Do you like to play practical jokes?
  6. Do you often have thoughts abour ducks and/or cows?
  7. Do YOU think you weird
  8. Whats 1 + 1?
  9. Frank flew ____ feet
  10. Last question: Pen or pencil

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Quiz topic: Am I weird or normal? o.O